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Getting Started

We’re about giving people control of their own personal data by developing the Mee Smartwallet and fostering a community of compatible digital service providers.

Protects your privacy

  • Tells apps/sites “Do Not Track” and “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”
  • Works automatically behind the scenes

Manages your stuff

  • Retrieves your data from apps/sites you use
  • Organizes it conveniently across all of your apps/sites
  • Stores your data on your device (nothing is shared with The Mee Foundation)

Represents you online

  • No more passwords–you’re logged in immediately
  • No more creating accounts and filling in forms
  • Private sharing: tap the Continue-with-Mee button on apps/sites to create a data private data sharing connection [under development]
  • Share privacy-protected advertising interest profiles to increase relevance of content and offers [under development]

For Providers

If you’re a service provider and would like to learn how to make your app/site compatible then have a look at Connect with Mee.

Mee is a work in progress; the future directions and milestones are described in our Roadmap. The Releases page lists the deliverables available right now. Here is some of the Terminology we use.